Learning To Fly RC Model Aircraft / Helicopters

Learning to fly RC aircraft is challenging and we recommend that anyone considering learning to fly any type of RC aircraft or helicopter joins a club first. By joining a club not only will you receive valuable advice on what type of equipment to buy but also you will be covered by British Model Flying Associations (BMFA) insurance whilst flying. We recommend you never fly without insurance.

It is all too easy to walk into a model shop and buy a “ready to fly” (RTF) model complete with radio gear that is totally unsuitable for a beginner. We have seen this numerous times at the SSA where new members have turned up with Spitfires, Hurricanes, F15 jets etc. Whilst these are much more attractive than a “trainer” type model the chances are they will also be much harder to fly.

Before buying ANY equipment come along to a one or two flying session and talk to different SSA members, get advice on the type of models that may be suitable. Most members are extremely helpful and may have a suitable plane for sale. It would be a good opportunity to find someone to offer you training. The SSA has some club training models for slope soaring and electric flying.