Indoor RC Flying / Freeflight

Tiger Moth From about Oct until April the SSA organises indoor flying meetings. These are generally held every Sunday in a local gym or sport hall. The two hour sessions are split into slots for slowfly models such as the Kyosho Miniums, Parkzone Trojans, aerobatic “shockies”,  RC helicopters and quadcopters.

For those who have not attended one of our sessions the format is as follows. The flying is in slots of ten minutes each taken in rotation. The slots are shock flyers, slow flyers (3 channel lightweights) helicopters / quads, and small aerobatics (4 channel lightweights).There is a fee of £4 for club members and £6 for visitors, juniors are free.

We fly Sundays  from October  to April. All session run from 9am-11am at Dronfield Sports Centre

The sessions will be approximately 10 minutes duration this should allow 3 sessions for each type of aircraft. The order may change but generally it will be

  • Slow Fly 1 – Slow, small planes, usually 3 channel e.g. Champs or similar, Max 200mah Brushed
  • Helicopters – This includes Quadcopters (400g weight limit)
  • Slow Fly 2 – Faster planes, usually 4 channel aerobatics e.g. Trojans / Sukhoi, Bi-Planes
  • Shockies and larger planes

Due to the number of planes flying at once, there is the possibility of damage to your model, please bear this in mind; If you are unsure do not fly.

Plans and instructions to build a F200 model can be found here.

Indoor Free Flight

The Group meets at the Scout Hall / gymnasium attached to Bradway Primary School (formerly Sir Harold Jackson Primary School) Bradway Drive, Sheffield S17 4PD. The planes which are flown are nearly all rubber free flight models, mostly built by the group members although it is possible to buy ready built or almost ready to fly now. These are available from Flitehook or Sams.  You will find a plan for a suitable foam model on this site. Expert help is available at the meetings to find those hard to get parts, and to get your model flying.

The sessions are held from 2 pm to 5pm on the second Saturday of the month.

Parking is available at the School and tea, coffee and biscuits are provided half way through the session.  The hall is heated in winter. A fee of £2 is payable.

Whilst the hall has only a low ceiling flight times of three minutes or more are possible.  Retrieval of hung up models is easy with a medium length pole and there are no inaccessible places.

Just turn up if interested. I can be contacted on 0114 2848324.

Neil Stewart

SSA indoor Secretary